How To Pack For A Trip

How to safely pack for a trip

Are you planning to take a trip and have limited space for your stuff? Don’t worry – here are the basic tips how to pack for a trip without any stress. I hope this will ensure that you take with you everything that you need. Enjoy and take it easy!

The basic rule: Layering

This ensures you carry fewer items. You may actually wear the heavier garments since if it gets warmer you can always remove the jacket or sweater so it is not included in the suitcase.

Make a checklist

This is the easiest way to determine what is necessary and also to ensure you do not forget to carry important stuff. Include easily washable items as this will help you carry fewer items.

Pack neutral colours

You should pack clothes that complement each other in the shades of black, white and browns which easily complement any colour.

Learn to pack ahead of time

You should pack at least a day or two. This ensures that you countercheck the packed items so that you do not forget important items. Again, you will have time to think of what exactly is needed and avoid carrying along things that you do not really need.

Carry clothes and items that can easily be compressed

You may use compression packing bags since they allow more room for your items. Tuck smaller items in bigger items to save on space.

Roll the clothes instead of folding

This is the ultimate secret. You will save more on space. Folding the clothes take more space than folding and the folded items should be packed at the bottom and at the corners of the suitcase. You should save the lightest items to be packed at the top

Travel document organizer

Ensure that you safely pack the travel documents as well. They include cash, credit cards, passports, emergency contacts and all other documents you need during travel.

All your important items should be put in small bag

This way, it becomes easier to easily get the items when needed. This bag should be with you all the time. It will be hard to locate the items in a suitcase. Some of the items include credit card, identification documents, and personal effects.

Well done!

When you are ready to leave ensure that you counter check all your items to be sure that you carry all the things you need in the trip. Remember you may not need to carry the toiletries since you can buy when you reach your destination. The guiding principle when packing should be to adopt a lighter load.